Owens Agency, Inc., serves both individuals and families with the best personal insurance options available today. We tailor your insurance packages to your needs, not vice versa. We search our bank of A-rated carriers to find the insurance options that meet your personal specifications.

Owens Agency works for you, not an insurance company. We bring the rates and quotes to you, saving both time and money. With Owens Agency, there is no more shopping around and doing cost comparisons on products you might not even understand. We put our experience and expertise to work, helping you understand the details and complexities of your insurance options so that you can make informed decisions.


Annual reviews of your insurance needs are included in every insurance package from Owens Agency. We conduct our business in keeping with the Golden Rule, anticipating that you want to be treated just as we’d like to be treated. We work hard to gain – and keep – your trust and confidence.

Contact Owens Agency, Inc. to learn more about how our personalized service can make your insurance shopping easier, and your coverage more complete and affordable. Service is more than just a slogan at Owens Agency. Contact us today.

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“Rob was able to meet our needs and save us money at the same time. It's refreshing to work with someone that has your best interest in mind at all times. I would refer anyone to Rob.”
–- John Regnier

“You can call him anytime and he works hard and does a great job for his clients!”
–- David M. Rasmussen

“I have recently asked for pricing on all my insurance needs from Rob... he is lower than all my [previous] premiums. I know other customers of Rob's and they have said nothing but great things about him. I have been with the same insurance company for over 21 years and am looking forward to switching my business and personal insurance needs to Rob and his agency.”
–- Brad Torgerson

“I have found [that] when you go with the lowest price you are usually sacrificing service, quality, or countless other factors that go into the overall value. The Owens Agency, is a rare anomaly that combines low prices with the best personal service around. They educate customers, care about their happiness, and most importantly to me, when you call you speak to a real person (not an automated system.) Rob and the Owens Agency is a true value. I would recommend them to anyone!”
–- Joe Houle

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